Altria Scan Data Loyalty

Exciting News!

All stores participating in Altria Scan Data Submission can now sign up to have all Altria promotions automatically uploaded.

All promotions are included:

You will now receive an email each month asking you to approve your Altria Promotions. Once you hit approve, all your promotions will automatically update to the correct rates and time duration.



Full Advantage

Ensures that you are taking full advantage of all Altria Promotions.

Correct Payment

Ensures that you get paid correctly by Altria when you have the correct promo dates and rates

Saving of Time

Saves you time! You don’t have to spend time managing dozens of Altria Promotions.

Precise Execution

Flawless, precise execution of all your Altria Promotions.

Sign up now with Altria:


1-866-928-3510 (Option 4)


Remote Desk